Aqua Blasting

Cleaning Components for Aston Martins

At JMB Services we have our own Aqua Blasting facility for finishing aluminium engine components.
The 1 1/2 meter cubed machine is big enough to take any Aston Martin engine block or cylinder head.

Aluminium components can be finished, using a non-destructive media, to a high gloss finish that is so smooth that any oil or debris just washes off easily.
We do our very best so stop any media entering oil ways by plugging entry points and then fully rinsing off any media left on the components with clean water. All parts are subsequently washed in our Viper Jet, hot alkaline wash machine, to further remove any left over media.
They are then dried in our oven and cleaned with compressed air.

Exhibited below are Aluminium components in various states of cleaning.
A finished front cam cover, the Aqua Blast machine in action cleaning a V8 cylinder block, and you can also see the difference between chemical cleaning and Aqua Blasting on the front timing cover, which has been half cleaned with the Aqua Blast.

Comparison Guide

Dirty, Chemically Cleaned & Aqua Blasted

Below are three inlet manifolds to demonstrate the difference between components being Chemicaly Cleaned or Aqua Blasted.


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