Oil Pumps by JMB Services

Custom Replacement Oil Pump for Classic Heritage Aston Martins

NEW! Custom JMB oil pump for DB4, DB5, DB6 & DBS Classic Heritage Aston Martins.
As dedicated engineers to parts for Classic Heritage Aston Martins we are now extremely proud to announce the release of JMB custom oil pumps.

Our development engineers continue to improve upon the already exceptional standards of Aston Martins original specifications.

We have remade the patterns to our newly designed specifications to maintain accuracy and longevity.

Our new custom oil pump has internal core modifications to enhance oil flow and increase efficiency.
Reworked oil passageways to smooth & enhance the oil flow through the pump.
Further tweaks have been made elsewhere to reduce rotating inertia.
The oil pump castings have been cast in LM25 Aluminium and heat treated to TF condition.
This has been done in a foundry that specialise in casting parts to the highest standards for the aircraft industry.

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