Head Rebuild Procedure

Cylinder Head Reconditioning for Aston Martins

JMB Services Cylinder Head Rebuilds for Classic Heritage Aston Martins, DB4, DB5, DB6, DBS & V8.

Carried out within a dedicated engine build and development facility, with a comprehensive production engineering workshop, operated by highly competent engineers fully experienced in Classic Heritage Aston Martin engine development & component production.

Stage 1

Dissemble, Cleaning, Inspection

All cylinder heads are initially inspected and completely disassembled. Then the component parts are cleaned with a hot detergent wash and high-pressure rinse. Parts are next submerged in a special de-contamination tank for 12 hours. Then a further high-pressure rinse, followed by an additional chemical dip process; to bring the components back to as new appearance.

The final in depth inspection includes a pressure test to check the head(s) for casting porosity. Should any porosity defects be uncovered, and having sought the clients approval, all necessary repairs are carried out. Springs, caps, cotters and bottom retainers are checked for serviceability or replacement. Valves, guides and studs are discarded.