Engine Rebuild Procedure

Engine Reconditioning for Aston Martins

JMB Services Engine Rebuilds for all Classic Heritage Aston Martins, DB4, DB5, DB6, DBS & V8.

Carried out within a dedicated engine build and development facility, with a comprehensive production engineering workshop, operated by highly competent engineers fully experienced in Classic Heritage Aston Martin engine development & component production.

Stage 1

Dissemble, Cleaning, Inspection

Initially the engine is externally inspected, completely dissembled into all its basic component parts which are further examined, then everything is thoroughly cleaned with a hot detergent wash and high pressure rinsing.

Parts are submerged in a special de-contamination tank for 12 hours, then more high pressure rinsing, an additional chemical dip process brings components back to as new appearance.

Finally a pressure test to check casting porosity of the head(s) for the main in depth inspection.