Transportation of Engines

Transportation/Delivery & Export

The Aston Martin engine is a large, heavy and expensive assembly requiring extreme care when handling and transporting.
Our service can provide a tailored engine stand within a heavy duty re-useable container, where everything is bolted together for maximum safety and security.
We can also arrange for insured carriage throughout by a competent courier or our own transport. A deposit of 250 GBP for each Engine Crate is charged and refunded when the overall transaction is complete and all additional fees have been paid.

Delivery of Engines

Transportation/Delivery & Export

For transport the crate needs to be moved on a fork/pallet truck, an engine hoist is used to maneuver the engine, to raise the crate onto higher blocks to allow for wheels access beneath.

The outer cover bolts are clearly indicated near the base and locate securely through all the main frames, two long bolts on either side.

Once removed, the heavy wooden top cover can then be lifted up, to clear either the stand or the engine.