CNC Machining

Custom High Flow Water Pump Impellers

Behind the scenes footage of our in-house Bridgeport CNC Machining Center creating a pair of our custom high flow 6 cylinder water pump impellers for Aston Martins.

DB6 Engine Dyno Test

DB6 Aston Martin engine being Dyno Tested

Watch a Aston Martin DB6 engine being Dyno tested on a state of the art Superflow Dyno. After being put through a full running-in cycle, of about 3 hours, the engine is then put through its paces to see its power and torque figures. JMB Services have access to a full Dyno testing facility for Aston Martin engines, with a complete print out of performance figures.

Engine Rebuild Timelapse

Watch the rebuild of a DB6 engine from an Aston Martin

Sit back and relax whilst you watch a full timelapse of a Classic Heritage Aston Martin DB6 engine rebuild by JMB Services. This process involves the rebuilding of the engine block starting with checking the oil clearance for the crankshaft, followed by fitting the pistons to the conrods, and then inserting into the block. The timing case is then built up with new chains and tensioner. The sump area is then fitted with the oil strainer and baffle plate which is then followed by fitting the sump and lock wiring all the bolts. The cylinder head is the next to go on, which has already been fully assembled ready for fitting, the camshaft timing is then carried out. Carburetors are the next thing to go on then close the engine up and fit all ancillary parts ready to go for Dyno testing.

Custom Oil Pump

To fit DB4, DB5, DB6 & DBS Classic Heritage Aston Martins.

Here is a short video, behind the scenes, introducing our brand new custom oil pump for Classic Heritage Aston Martins DB4, DB5, DB6 & DBS.

The new custom oil pump has internal core modifications to enhance the oil flow and increase it's efficiency. Reworked oil passageways to smooth & enhance the oils flow throughought the pump. Extra tweaks have been made in other places to reduce the rotating inertia.

Head Timing Timelapse

Watch head timing of a DB4 engine from a Classic Heritage Aston Martin

This short video consists of installing the pre-assembled cylinder head to the engine block of a Classic Heritage Aston Martin DB4. Fitted & torqued with new cylinder head studs & chrome nuts. The chrome HT lead tube is then fitted ready for the new HT leads. The inlet & exhaust camshafts are then timed using a dial indicator to set the correct valve timing. Cam sprockets & timing chain are then installed & tensioned before rotating the engine & rechecking the valve timing to make sure all is correct. This is then double checked to make sure it is correct.

Engine Stripdown Timelapse

Watch the stripdown of a DB6 engine from an Aston Martin

Sit back and relax whilst you watch a full timelapse stripdown of a Classic Heritage Aston Martin DB6 engine to it's component parts by JMB Services. The process involves removing the carburetors from the cylinder head, then removing the cylinder head. The cylinder head is then stripped down of all parts including camshafts, valves, springs, retainers, tappets & cam sprockets so as they are ready for cleaning and checking. The engine components stripped down are sump, timing case, timing chains & sprockets from the timing case. Oil pump & oil strainer removed from sump area. Then the crankshaft & bearings are removed followed by conrods & pistons. Then all other ancillary parts from plugs to all studs removed ready for cleaning & inspection.

YouTube Videos on Aston Martins

Watch Classic Heritage Aston Martin related videos from YouTube

JMB Services have collected together a nice selection of videos from YouTube all relating to Classic Heritage Aston Martins. So pull up a chair, pour your favorite beverage, sit back & relax whilst they take you on a nostalgic tour of all the Classic Heritage Aston Martins like DB2, DB4, DB5, DB6, DBS & V8.


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